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The Welfare Space in Europe


23 > 24 giugno 2008

aula A, palazzo Badoer

San Polo 2468 Venezia




This seminar deals with the spaces of welfare, which were constructed starting during the second half of the 20th century in Europe as spaces for socialization and collective activities, services and infrastructure. Despite their many limitations, these spaces aimed at guaranteeing comfort, health and safety to the city, while also giving a spatial dimension to welfare state policies.

To work on this topic with the broadened perspective of Europe is deemed urgent for three distinct reasons:

- because the arrangement of infrastructure and services, the widespread presence of these public spaces constitute one of the characteristics of the contemporary European city;

- because the spaces of welfare are one of the areas in which citizens can determine their very identity and form the very spirit of citizenship;

- because to investigate the space of welfare means to work out the themes of urbanity, of mixitè, and of the construction of urban fabrics that are livable, comfortable, sustainable, healthy and safe.




23 giugno ore 9,30

> prima sessione: temi del welfare


Introduction: Themes of Welfare

Stefano Munarin (University of Catania)


Welfare e città in una prospettiva di lungo periodo

Giulio Ernesti (University IUAV of Venice)


Il welfare locale: questioni di confine

Lavinia Bifulco  (University  of Milan)


Tra rischio e coesione. Domande d'innovazione urbanistica

Alberto Clementi (University of Chieti-Pescara)


Parole del passato: una "società con cura", una "società friendly"

Laura Balbo (University of Padua)


Building the welfare

Bernardo Secchi (University IUAV of Venice)


ore 14,00

> seconda sessione: verso un atlante dello spazio del welfare in Europa.


Introduction: Toward an Atlas of Welfare Space in Europe

Maria Chiara Tosi (University IUAV of Venice Italy)


Disputed Space, Shared Place: Welfare Locations in Brussels

Joseph Drese (Institut San Luc Tournai Belgium)


Welfare for all? Utopia or reality in a socialist society. The case of Romania.

Rudolf Poledna (Babes-Bolyai University Cluj Romania)


Public Thereshold

Maria Lluïsa Marsal (Escola Politecnica Superior Girona Spain)


Cultures in Public Spaces - The Case of HafenCity Hamburg

Ingrid Breckner, (HafenCity Universitat Hamburg Germany)


Urbanism under shifting conditions: the case of Oslo

Marius Gronning (Arkitekthøgskolen i Oslo Norway)


Welfare public spaces

Katinka Schartau (Blekinge Institute of Tecnology Karlkrona Sweden)


In the shadow of the New Towns : three case studies in Paris's 'première couronne'

Pierre Chabard (Ecole d'Architecture Paris Marne La Vallee France)l


24 giugno h. 9,30

> terza sessione:  questioni di spazio del welfare


Introduction: Sfere del welfare e sfere dello spazio.

Ruben Baiocco (University IUAV of Venice)


Welfare e ordine dei luoghi

Massimo Bricocoli, (University  of Milan)


Welfare ed educazione alla città

Elena Granata (University IUAV of Venice)


Welfare e costruzione del pubblico

Claudio Calvaresi (Universiy of Milan)


Soglie della qualità nel progetto dello spazio del welfare

Laura Mascino (University of Milan)


L¹esterno della casa e l¹interno della città. Spazi intermedi


Margherita Vanore (University IUAV of Venice)


Stato sociale o asociale? Lineamenti evolutivi dell’ Housing

Matteo D'Ambros (University IUAV of Venice)



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