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Thomas Sieverts

S.K.A.T Architekten Stadtplaner

conferenze per città/progetti 2008

(laurea Specialistica indirizzo Città)

e Scuola di Dottorato




> Emscher Park

ciclo di lezioni città/progetti 2008, Facoltà di Architettura,

laurea specialistica in Architettura per la città

mercoledì 7 maggio 2008

ore 10.30

Cotonificio, auditorium


> Zwischenstadt/in between cities

Scuola di dottorato

giovedì 8 maggio 2008

ore 15.00: conferenza

ore 17.00: discussione con i dottorandi della Scuola di Dottorato

Aula Tafuri, Palazzo Badoer

San Polo 2468



introduce Bernardo Secchi



Biographical profile


Thomas Sieverts

Thomas Sieverts is a Partner in S.K.A.T., Architekten und Stadtplaner, Bonn, Köln, which began in 2000. He was the Professor of Urban Design at the Technical University Darmstadt from 1971 to 1999, and during that period worked in Britain as a Professor at the School of Town Planning, University of Nottingham, from 1984 to 1989.

Prior to S.K.A.T., Architekten und Stadtplaner Thomas ran a professional planning-office in Bonn from 1978, engaged in public consultation, urban-design, town planning, and housing.

He is the author of Zwischenstadt, (1997, and now in a third edition 2001) with a French edition, (2003) an English translation as Cities without Cities: An interpretation of the Zwischenstadt ,(2004) and a Japanese edition (2006). This book deals with the dissolution of the compact historical European city and with the treatment of a completely different and new form of the city, which is spreading across the world: the urbanised landscape or the landscaped city. Thomas calls this the Zwischenstadt, meaning the type of built-up area that is between the old historical city centres and the open countryside, between the place as a living space and the non-places of movement, between small local economic cycles and the dependency on the world market.

He has also written more than 250 publications in professional magazines and books, in an extensive bibliography between 1960 and 2007.

Thomas Sieverts also became Scientific Director for the International Building Exhibition (IBA), Emscher Park, Gelsenkirchen from 1989 to 1994, and Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies, Berlin from 1995 to 1996. He went on to be the Director of a research project on the urbanised landscape, financed by the Gottlieb Daimler und Karl Benz Stiftung.

He had studied architecture and urban design in Stuttgart, Liverpool, and Berlin between 1955 and 1962. He became an assistant lecturer at the institute of townplanning in the Technical University of Berlin. In 1965 he formed the "Freie Planungsgruppe Berlin" (FBP), becoming Professor of Urban Design at the Hochschule der bildenden Künste, Berlin, between 1967 and 1970. He was briefly a guest Professor on the Urban Design Program at the Graduate School of Design, Havard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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