master Iuav in EMERGENCY & RESILIENCE - project strategies & innovation in humanitarian emergencies

Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

master universitario di II livello - second level postgraduate specialisation course


scientific coordinator Jorge Lobos


location Universitą Iuav di Venezia


duration 1 year


start/end from October 2017 to September 2018


availabilities 15


Selection cost € 50,00


Enrollment cost € 6000,00 + legal stamp (virtually paid)


Admission deadline for EU and non-EU candidates 1 September 2017


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When you apply, check that the admission test is referring to Extracomunitari + Comunitari“ dal 20/04/2017 al 01/09/2017”.




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This postgraduate specialisation course has three main objectives or aims.


A) Train professionals to become experts in humanitarian emergencies:

-Master course gives relevant information, abilities and tools in physical responses to humanitarian emergencies.

-Apply innovation and creativity in our professional responses

-Be able to develop effective response in short time

-Create plan strategies to mitigate and prepare cities for future emergencies


B) Instaurate Emergency as a discipline inside of the architecture, engineering and other professional fields related to physical responses.


C) Promote new professional roles and new job opportunities for architects and other professionals in the field of humanitarian emergencies.


professional outcomes:

The master course “EMERGENCY & RESILIENCE” is a need of our current society to have professionals able to give a more effective response in the field of humanitarian emergencies, in natural disasters, climate changes and mademan conflicts.

The response of international organizations do not consider architecture knowledge as a resource in their physical actions in a humanitarian emergency, that fact should change in next years.

International organizations and national governments demand better architecture and planning solutions. They know that a better architectural response would solve several future social problems and will decrease the economic and social investment in long time perspective.

Master course will produce a professional profile with high skills in the field of Humanitarian emergencies with focus in; physical planning, architecture creativity, technical innovation, cultural understanding and social capacities to work with local communities, governments and different professionals in a interdisciplinary frame.

This new professional should be able to develop new roles, ideas, creativity and innovation in the field of humanitarian emergencies.


Work sector which this professional profile focuses:

-International public organizations; UN, Red Cross, etc.

-National and local governments

-Non Governmental Organizations

-Universities and research institutes


Master candidates should have a master tittle of first level (5 years university career) in Architecture, Social Sciences, Art, Philosophy, Engineering, Design, Logistics, Geography or another professional background, which will be examined by the scientific master board.



Academic information: Jorge Lobos

Administrative matters (admission, fees, enrolment, etc.):



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application procedure:

The application procedure is available at the following address >>


Visit the page to create your personal account.


Registration process: enter the reserved area using your access credentials, or, if you are not yet registered, proceed with the registration by selecting "Registration" from the left menu.

You must input your name and surname according to your passport credentials or Id card credentials. After completing the registration, wait at least 5 minutes before entering the reserved area.


> Candidates that already registered at the Website but have lost their access credentials, must contact our front-office and fax the following request for credentials:

Modello richiesta nuove credenziali

along with a copy of their own valid identity document, the fax number is +390412571002.


> Inside the reserved area, candidates must select Admission test ą Apply to Competition ą Professional Master's Programme ą SECOND LEVEL, and select “MASTER IN EMERGENCY & RESILIENCE - PROJECT STRATEGIES & INNOVATION IN HUMANITARIAN EMERGENCIES”. Follow the instructions provided by the procedure ‘till the end of it.


The application will collect all the requested electronic documents (listed below). Scanned documents may be uploaded in several format, however PDF format is strongly preferred (up to max 5MB).


> Should the system generate a “Malfunctioning” message, please select “Cancel the selected process” and start entering your application again.


> Electronic submission must be completed before the deadline, otherwise the application will not be validated. When done, a receipt and an electronic bulletin to pay will be made available. If the candidate does not own an Italian bank account or is not physically resident in Italy, the bulletin may be paid through an international money transfer at the following bank coordinates:


Banco Popolare Venezia

Iban: IT36D0503402071000000020500

Swift code: BAPPIT22


You will need to send the receipt of payment by e-mail to

The file should be named EMERGENCY & RESILIENCE_SURNAME


> List of requested documents:


1.      Professional CV;

2.      Motivation letter;

3.      At least two presentation letters undersigned by university teachers or professional along with personal contact info;

4.      Portfolio (only for architects, designers and planners).