resilient spaces

Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Level I Postgraduate Specialisation Programme (in Italian Master)


a.y. 2020-2021


scientific head Jorge Lobos


venue UniversitÓ Iuav di Venezia and online


course length 1 year


starts/ends from February/March 2021 to February/March 2022


available seats min. 8 | max. 20


registration fee € 50,00


matriculation fee € 7.500,00 + stamp duty (virtual)



:: NEW! :: Updated deadline for presenting admission request:


admission application deadline 15 January 2021 – h 12:00 AM


admission ranking list (date of release) 2 February 2021


enrollment deadline 12 February 2021 – h 12:00 AM


expected term start end of February 2021/beginning of March 2021





The postgraduate specialization programme has the following objectives:

A) Train professionals with a set of tools and procedures in order to become experts in strategies for actions in humanitarian emergencies and urban design in cities under climate pressure;

B) Set up Resilience as a useful topic inside of the architecture, engineering and other professional fields related to the physical response in a situation of urban crisis, climate change, and humanitarian emergency;

C) Get an ethical approach in our professional action according to a new balance between Nature and Society;

D) Promote new professional roles and new job opportunities for architects and other professionals in this field.


professional outcomes:

The postgraduate specialization program “Resilient Spaces” is a need in our current society for professionals able to give a more effective response in the field of Humanitarian Emergencies (natural disasters, manmade conflicts, pandemic) and Climate Crisis. Today, in an emergency crisis or in a long-term adaptation process to climate change, the architects and planners have a reduced participation in the decision level. However, this fact is rapidly changing and we, architects and planners, must be prepare for this new phase.

Also, to increase the resilience capacity from local community to national level, as a way to strength the collective life and increasing democracy, involvement and participation on the solution of our common problems.

This postgraduate specialization program creates a professional profile with high skills in the field of climate Change, reconstruction, and humanitarian emergencies with focus on: physical planning, architecture strategies, technical innovation, cultural understanding and social capacities to work with local communities, governments and different professionals in an interdisciplinary frame.

The candidates of postgraduate specialization program “Resilient Spaces” should be able to develop new roles for our profession as; cultural activist, citizenship promoter, democracy makers, and builder of social peace, among others.


Work sector of which this professional profile focuses are:

1-International public organizations

2-National and local governments

3-Non-Governmental Organizations

4-Universities and research institutes

5-Private companies with focus on social responsibility



For didactic and educational contents: Jorge Lobos

For administrative information (admissions, fees, matriculation, etc.):



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