Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Properties of the final paper


The final paper must present at least 30 pages of text on A4 paper, optionally accompanied by graphics and/or images. Further necessary graphic material can be attached to this document, with no limits to its system of representation or rendering (it may be presented in folded A3 format).


Further specifics must be agreed with the scientific head and coordinator of the specific Postgraduate Specialisation Programme.

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The final paper must be delivered to the Postgraduate Specialisation Office, signed by the student and the thesis advisor(s). The digital version, which must be an exact copy of the final paper, must be submitted in PDF format on CD/DVD support.

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WARNING: theses missing name, surname, matriculation number, entire title, required signatures, or required Consultation Authorisation status will not be accepted, even in their digital versions.