study & development of fashion sustainability

Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Level I Postgraduate Specialisation Programme (in Italian Master)

a.y. 2017-2018


scientific head Maria Luisa Frisa


didactic head Orsola de Castro


venue UniversitÓ Iuav di Venezia


course length annual


starts/ends March 2018 - March 2019


available seats 15


registration fee € 50,00


matriculation fee € 6.000,00 + stamp duty (virtual)


admission application deadline 14 January 2018


official ranking publication deadline 05 February 2018


matriculation deadline 16 February 2018




The Postgraduate Specialisation Programme (in Italian Master) is aimed at students wishing to work within the fashion industry in design and communication roles.

Its purpose is to impart a critical knowledge of the industry, a deep understanding of design and production practices embedded in a culture of respect for people and natural resources.

The Master’s is a bilingual course (*) and its objectives are to foster sustainable thinking and strategic design practices, from conception to communication, and to create connections between students and the industry. We aim to develop a space where the present system is challenged to rigorously adopt environmental and ethical practices, encouraging an economy of quality against quantity.


Within a fashion-forward, product based approach, the Master’s will focus on design innovation, efficiency, best practice, sustainability policies and certifications, new identity models and communication strategies.

It will include tutorials, workshops and lectures by industry professionals and sustainability pioneers on themes such as fashion design, manufacturing and marketing, the history of the fashion industry, global policies, materials development and innovation.


Participating students will consolidate a unique, up-to-date professional education, and have an opportunity to access the industry through curriculum and apprenticeship programs, approaching different industrial realities to further their understanding of the sector.


Employment opportunities and professional profile


Due to a growth in consumer demand for products with a clear and traceable sustainable record, the industry has broaden the demand for professionals with an articulated understanding of sustainability practices and policies. The Master’s aim is to prepare a new generation of professionals able to compete in this emerging segment in the areas of design, buying, merchandising, product development, styling, sourcing and production, sustainable communication and pr.


 (*) Most of the lessons will be delivered in English, one on one with tutors and professors will be either in English or Italian depending on the student main spoken language.



scientific head: Maria Luisa Frisa

didactic head: Orsola de Castro

planning head: Filippo Ricci -

for didactic and educational contents:

for administrative information (admission, taxes, registration, etc.):


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