IMID - interactive media for interior design

Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Level I Postgraduate Specialisation Programme (in Italian Master)


a.y. 2018-2019


head manager Luciano Comacchio


venue UniversitÓ Iuav di Venezia


course length annual


starts/ends from November 2018 to November 2019


available seats 20


registration fee € 50,00


matriculation fee € 6.000,00 + stamp duty (virtual)


admission application deadline 14 September 2018 – h 12:00


:: NEW! :: – Scholarships available (deadline 14 September 2018 – h 12:00):


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The Postgraduate Specialisation Programme aims to form interdisciplinary professionals for the interior design sector, including: interior designers; project managers able to suggest new solutions and direct working groups in the management and promotion of collections and products; image consultants; experts in the creation of interactive virtual catalogues and social media management; as well as designers of interactive exhibition spaces for company and product promotion.

Among the various programme subjects: interior design, 3D modelling, rendering, photography, set design, user interface design, web and content design, and real time 3D.



For didactic and educational contents: Luciano Comacchio

For administrative information (admissions, fees, matriculation, etc.):



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