architecture, Image & Communication

Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Level I Postgraduate Specialisation Programme (in Italian Master)

a.y. 2017-2018


scientific head: Angelo Maggi


venue UniversitÓ Iuav di Venezia


course length annual


starts/ends November 2017 - October 2018


available seats 20


registration fee € 50,00


matriculation fee € 6.000,00 + stamp duty (virtual)


admission application deadline 02 October 2017


official ranking publication deadline 20 October 2017


matriculation deadline 29 October 2017



The Postgraduate Specialisation Programme forms qualified profiles for emerging communication areas, experts in image design and visual representation of architecture for media with the aim of its visual enhancement.

A new idea of architecture is now dictated by digital images, placing the architect or engineer in front of new questions as to how the explosion of technology and the simplicity of visual message circulation can affect architectural production, the success of a design, and the consequent global recognition of the designer.