vertical mobility and accessibility in architecture

Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Advanced course


a.y. 2019-2020


scientific head Dario Trabucco


venue Universitą Iuav di Venezia


course length 60 hours of lesson time + 20 hours for outside activities


starts/ends from February 2020 to June 2020


available seats 25 + 5 reserved for free to PhD students of Iuav University


registration fee € 50,00


matriculation fee € 750,00 + + stamp duty (virtual)


admission application deadline 10 January 2020 – h 12:00




The course provides design, technical and regulatory skills related to elevators, elevation systems and accessibility in new and existing buildings, focusing – through a specific preparation with a high cultural profile – on the issue related to the integration of the mechanized accessibility in the built environment.

Moreover, the aim of the course is to provide participants with basic and additional knowledge to enhance the use of elevation systems and vertical mobility in buildings and for the removal of architectural barriers.



For didactic and educational contents: Dario Trabucco

For administrative information (admissions, fees, matriculation, etc):