local participatory action & public debate

Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Advanced course

a.a. 2017-2018


scientific head Francesca Gelli


venue Universitą Iuav di Venezia


course length 112 hours


starts/ends from February 2018 a June 2018


available seats 30 + 5 Iuav PhD students free of charge


registration fee € 50,00


matriculation fee € 1100,00 + stamp duty (virtual)


admission application deadline 26 January 2018, h 12 AM


official ranking publication deadline 05 February 2018


matriculation deadline 16 February 2018




The course provides the tools for designing, managing, and evaluating participatory processes on different scales, focusing on: building programs, plans and projects; conflict management and problem solving; structuring and directing participatory procedures; and the activation of a public debate, as envisaged by the regulations on contracts, urban planning, and management of common goods. The course is addressed to officials and public executives, third sector operators, professionals, and researchers.

The course also provides for workshops and seminars in Venice, Milan, Florence, Rome, and Naples, with the participation of great field experts.


For didactic and educational contents: Francesca Gelli

For administrative information (admissions, fees, matriculation, etc): master@iuav.it



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