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Vesper. Journal of Architecture, Arts & Theory

Vesper is a six-monthly, double-blind peer-reviewed scientific journal, multidisciplinary and bilingual (Italian and English), which deals with the relationships between forms and processes of thought and of design. Gazing into the dusk, when light slowly merges with darkness and the illuminating object is no longer visible, Vesper aims to interpret the act of designing through tracing and revealing the movement of transformation. Pythagoras identified in the planet Venus both the evening star (Hesperos) and the morning star (Phosphoros), assigning the two names to the same star observed in different temporal conditions. Vesper thus states a perspective rather than an object, privileging the condition that defines its status. Rather than the sharp light of dawn, heralding a brand-new day and promising a brighter future, it is the twilight that allows you to have a glimpse at the potential of what is already there.

Following the tradition of Italian paper journals, Vesper revives it by hosting a wide spectrum of narratives, welcoming different writings and styles, privileging the visual intelligence of design, of graphic expression, of images and contaminations between different languages.
The journal is conceived as a series of thematic issues that build a discourse on the contemporary. Each issue is divided into sections that offer a range of diverse perspectives on the theme analysed: editorial, quote, project, tale, lecture, essay, extra, translation, archive, journey, ring, tutorial, dictionary. Throughout the different sections, reverberations between ideas and reality change, connections emerge between tangible facts and their potentials, transformative prospects, collective perception. The principal aim of these sections is not to provide instant news, but to offer an in-depth investigation of different instances of design and to provide tools and materials that have a long-lasting effect.


Vesper is a wide-ranging research tool whose scientific position intersects the academic fields of ‘Civil Engineering and Architecture’, ‘Antiquities, Philology, Literary Studies, Art History’, as well as ‘History, Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology’ (areas 08, 10 and 11 in the Italian disciplinary areas). While aimed at scholars in those disciplines, the journal is also intended as a working tool to fuel debate in the realm of applied research, including practitioners, professional bodies, representative associations, and institutions.


Vesper is indexed in SCOPUS, EBSCO, Torrossa and JSTOR.


Vesper. Journal of Architecture, Arts & Theory is a project by PARD – Publishing Actions and Research Development / IR.IDE – Infrastruttura di Ricerca Integral Design Environment, Department of Architecture and Arts – Department of Excellence of the Universitā Iuav di Venezia, published with the MIUR financing for the Departments of Excellence 2018-2022.


No. 1 Supervenice

No. 2 Materia-autore | Author-Matter

No. 3 Nella selva | Wildness

No. 4 Esili e esodi | Exiles and Exoduses

No. 5 Moby Dick: avventure e scoperte | Adventures and Discoveries

No. 6 Magic

No. 7 Cielo | Sky

No. 8 Vesper





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