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Vesper No. 2 | Author-Matter | Spring-Summer 2020



Sandro Marpillero



The paper establishes a relation between Freud’s diagram of dream-work and a pre-architectural model/apparatus about the “production of the project.” This model articulates the mental systems of the original Freudian diagram about perceptions, accumulation of memories, their recovery and transformation in dreams, and revision towards waking state’s actions in the world. The physical interpretation of an abstract diagram emphasizes the role of bodily engagement on the part of an author and her/his relationship with materials, whose manipulation both reveals and conceals parameters for transformability. Processes of creative figuration are informed by dream-work’s latent logics, operating through condensation and displacement of memory-traces, establishing with them manifold relations. The phase of architectural dream-work belongs to the first of two stages, corresponding to the “production of the project.” A second phase, the “production of the building,” brings the dream-work’s outcome to a building’s execution by multiple social actors on the construction site, inscribing architecture in larger environmental and psychological flows.





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