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Vesper No. 2 | Author-Matter | Spring-Summer 2020



Rafael Lorentz



The word factual, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is defined as an adjective indicating the characteristic of something ‘based on or concerned with facts’. As in the current use of language, the substantive accompanied by it tends to be interpreted as something evident, non-questionable, close to the concept of truth. ‘Factual information’, for example, would be that based on the report of events that actually took place and whose validity therefore must be taken into account, since it is not subject to interpretation. The adjective, however, finds its root in a noun, fact, from which stems not only the referential quality lent to the object, but also the very base of its legitimacy.

‘Factual architectures’ can be defined as those whose design operations seek legitimacy in the manipulation of real things – those that exist in the realm of experience – presenting itself in the duality of an architecture that is made of facts and at the same time conceived as a fact itself.





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