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Vesper No. 2 | Author-Matter | Spring-Summer 2020



Jonathan Pierini

What Will I Do Without Eurydice?


CFSE? is an installation caught between two and three-dimensional planes based on research around the mechanisms of typo-graphic writing with the aim of transforming a question of language into a living space.

The long-term objective of this inquiry is to question the validity of two narrative models – the cyclical one of mythological narratives, and the linear one of historical time – with respect to contemporaneity, understood both as a historical and as a post-digital communication condition.

The awareness of an inevitable coexistence of narrative structures and related writings in the contemporary world is assumed as an operating condition and as a subject matter at the same time.

This simultaneity implies the coexistence of different authors, corresponding to as many roles as are defined on the basis of the subject’s possibilities with respect to the configurations of the device.





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