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Vesper No. 2 | Author-Matter | Spring-Summer 2020



Francesco Bergamo

In Unknown Lands. Epistemology, Representation and Design in the Age of Intelligent Machines


The contribution aims to investigate the contemporary modes of the project most subject to digital technologies, in the light (and especially in the shade) of the notions of author and matter, which must be partially redefined on the basis of attempts to represent and govern big data, artificial intelligence and the infrastructures that host and transmit them.

The human species has been the main catalyst of the transformations of planet Earth during the last two millennia and, especially since the 15th century, human interventions have often been mediated by transcriptions of projections of mental images on physical media, i.e. drawings and project texts. Today, however, the complexity of artificial intelligent systems is once again challenging the possibility of drawing maps of the territory, and therefore the representation itself. It is therefore necessary to identify epistemological and methodological strategies to investigate what seems increasingly obscure to us, even running the risk of sinking into chaos to identify emergencies and trace new discourses.





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