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Vesper No. 2 | Author-Matter | Spring-Summer 2020



Andreas Angelidakis

Democracy of Gold. (Click Autobiography of an Internet Architect)


I live and work in Athens. I trained as an architect, and I switch roles between artist, curator, architect and teacher. My multidisciplinary practice often focuses around the internet. I often start with an existing building, producing models, films, ruins, installations or alternative histories, blurring fact and fiction, smoothing out the borders between the real and the virtual.

What I learned from my years of ‘pretend architecture practice’ is that the internet changed the way we design as well as the way we experience design. The internet changed design by replacing it with a Google search.

I was invited to the Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement in Geneva, and that brought back strange Geneva memories. Demos Bar is a modular seating system upholstered in gold leatherette, arranged either as a hangout area or a punctuation device between spaces. I made a Gold Demos for Geneva, like the bars of gold that had recently evaporated from the nearby Swiss banks.





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