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From concept to space


conferenza di

Doğan Zafer Erturk

Işık ▄niversitesi


19 aprile 2018

Badoer, aula Tafuri

ore 14.30 > 17


a cura di

Agostino De Rosa




nota biografica


Doğan Zafer Erturk is an architect and teaching architectural design for 50 years. He is also the designer of several buildings including a university campus and restoration of a two thousand year old castle. His research interests include design activity, design research and the history of design. He has done an early experimental research on design activity. He also has more than fifty published research papers and conference presentations.


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the theoretical framework

The main conceptual achievement of the Design Group are given below:




geometrical order


continuity in space and in function


using regular geometrical forms: dance of the regular geometry


basic forms and figures


functional unity


unity in space


respect to history


natural forms and materials


unity in diversity



competition projects


– Kayseri (Caesarea) in Cappadocia Castle project 1. Prize


– re-organization of a historical site in the city of Bursa 1. Prize


– city of Bornova/Izmir: archeological digging center 2. Prize


Zonguldak city: coastal planning


– Re-design of a historical environment of Selimiye mosque in the city of Edirne


Halide Edip Adivar mosque in Istanbul


– Troia (Truva) museum in the ancient city


Caycuma city science museum


– sport and cultural center in the city of Konya



Kayseri (Caesarea) in Cappadocia castle project


regional information


main design concept of the project


– the castle


restoration project


archeological museum project



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