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Consequential Landscapes


conferenza di

Alfredo Ramirez e Elena Longhin

Architectural Association, Londra


lunedì 20 marzo 2017

Cotonificio, aula L1

ore 11


introduce Enrico Fontanari


nell’ambito dell’Atelier Città Paesaggio “New York, the prevalence of the grid and the freedom of the plot?”, corso di laurea magistrale in architettura e culture del progetto


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The lecture by Alfredo Ramirez and Elena Longhin will explore the emergence of ‘territory’ as a field of design praxis. Through this lenses architects and designers can operate within contemporary conditions whereby urban environments are understood not as discrete independent collection of objects but rather as interconnected and related landscapes with far reaching implications at local and global scales. Their implications are best reflected in current environmental concerns such as climate change, energy crisis and wide-spread pollution but less apparent in their social and political implications, currently being disguise by ecological and sustainable design driven agendas for the ‘urbanised world’. The lecture will be accompanied by academic projects developed within the AA Landscape Urbanism MArch/MSc Programme.


Alfredo Ramirez

AA Landscape Urbanism MArch/MSc Programme Co-director & AA VS Mexico City Director


Elena Longhin

Iuav Phd Candidate, AA VS Terrain Lab Co-director