Extension of current measures for Iuav activities

Extension of current measures for Iuav activities

from 17 June to 1 October




update from Iuav committee for the resumption of post-Covid activities

28 July 2021


Current provisions requiring the use of surgical masks, distancing (1.5 m) and appropriate conduct to prevent the spread of the virus remain in force.

The university maintains and monitors measures to safeguard the sanitation of study and common areas, such as the use of systems to increase the exchange of indoor air and the sanitation of airflows through the use of adequate filtration.


Considering the uncertainty of the pandemic scenario, the committee for the resumption of post-Covid activities - in addition to encouraging all members of Iuav community to join the vaccination campaign - suggests that the use of the Green Pass should be made mandatory for certain situations from 6 August.


In trying to anticipate how classrooms may be used in the coming academic year, the committee considers that mixed teaching (face-to-face and distance learning) will still be necessary. Attendance will be subject to the use of surgical masks, distancing, and proper and responsible behaviour to avoid gatherings in common areas and allow appropriate use of the spaces.




students and teaching staff


For the organisation of teaching activities, the guidelines established by the university governing bodies and the security measures already adopted remain valid.


– for all activities scheduled for July and August, the use of indoor spaces is subject to distancing, frequent sanitation and the use of surgical masks;

– all activities planned during this period (including W.A.Ve. and the fashion show) will follow the specific instructions that the coordinating teaching and administrative staff will provide to participants, particularly for access to and use of the common areas (especially the café area). Signage will be enhanced to facilitate movement and attendance;

– as regards graduation sessions, each graduating student can be accompanied by 2 people, who must be registered in advance, as required by the anti-contagion measures. Thesis supervisors and the offices in charge of organizing the graduation sessions will inform students accordingly. Graduating students will inform the relevant offices of the names of their accompanying people;

– for meetings to plan teaching and research activities, teaching staff may receive colleagues, PhD students, research assistants and graduating students, as long as the capacity of the rooms reserved for such meetings is not exceeded;

– a dedicated room must be reserved for meeting students, with a possible rotation.


In-person events (seminars, workshops, exhibitions) could be resumed in September. At the moment, it is not possible to predict whether and how capacity and distancing rules will be changed. The Commission will verify this option and inform Iuav community accordingly.




administrative staff


In compliance with Decree-Law 52/2021 of 22 April 2021, which extends the health emergency to 31 July 2021 and adjusts the provisions on simplified agile working to the same date, the arrangements for attendance at offices and agile working are updated.

From Monday 7 June to 31 July 2021, the agile mode is available while ensuring in-presence work up to the limit defined by space capacity (see office plans at the bottom of the page)

For teleworking staff, in-presence work will resume according to the schedule established in the individual contract for 2021.

Employees in fragile situations are entitled to work in 100% agile mode.

An increase of in-presence work, higher than the current 50%, is therefore expected, subject to the principle of rotation and office capacity (e.g. out of 10 days, at least 6 days of in-presence work).

For those who work in individual offices or where the capacity is full, it is still possible to use agile-mode, as agreed with their manager.



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