Guidelines for the resumption

Guidelines for the resumption
of in-person teaching activites

To all students of Universitą Iuav di Venezia





Dear students,

we are pleased to inform you that in-person teaching activities will be resumed in September.


Of course, all activities have been planned to ensure the health and safety the entire university community.


For the first term, the timetable, which is currently being prepared, will take into account safety restrictions and the reduction of space capacity.


The idea is to ensure a greater number of people for the project workshops, for a maximum of 70% of the hours each and with a dedicated classroom for every week. Theoretical courses will be taught mainly online, with a maximum of 20% of hours in-person.


Each project workshop will be assigned a classroom, intended as a control room, and will be based largely on in-person activities. Attendance will be adjusted according to methods, times and rhythms defined by professors, redesigning the pedagogy of the project.





Operational instructions


In line with the ministerial guidelines of 14th August, which refer to annex 18 of the decree of 7th August 2020 (published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale no. 198 of 8th August 2020) and following Iuav anti-contagion and safety protocol, the resumption of in-person teaching activities will be organised as follows:

Only students who have registered to attend individual courses can access the university premises. The actual registration will be checked at the entrance.

– All students are required to wear a surgical mask correctly during the entire permanence at the university premises, including during classes.

Temperature may be measured: if it is higher than 37.5°C, the student will be required to return to his/her accommodation and contact the relevant health authority. In any case, it is highly recommended to stay at home with a temperature higher than 37.5°C.

Hand sanitization will be necessary at the entrance and the operation shall be repeated several times during the day.

– By following the new signs installed on the university premises the students will reach the classroom and take one of the available seats.

– On the basis of the distancing required by ministerial indications and the results of international research on the propagation of Covid-19, new capacity has been calculated for each classroom according to surface area, volume, and ventilation systems. Therefore, classrooms can accommodate about a third of the seats normally available and in some cases even a smaller amount.

It is important to respect, without exception, these new capacity levels which guarantee the safety of everyone.

– During breaks and on entering and exiting, it is recommended to avoid gatherings. All measures are undermined if outside the classrooms, in indoor and outdoor common areas, the same care is not applied.

– Whenever possible, natural air exchange will be facilitated by keeping doors and windows open.

– Some parking spaces will be then made available in the car park of the ex Cotonificio and in the nearby areas, for students and employees with actual needs.


Under these terms, relying on everyone's collaboration and a high and constant sense of individual responsibility, Iuav opens the doors of its classrooms to students, firmly believing that together we will overcome this difficult moment.


All the best wishes for a great start into the new academic year 2020/2021.


prof. Alberto Ferlenga




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