What to do if you are positive for Covid-19

What to do if you are positive for Covid-19

guidelines for Iuav community




In the event that you are positive for Covid-19 and in the 48 hours before to the test you taught / attended classes, or however had access to the university premises and presumably had contact with other people, you should notify the university by writing an email to caso.covid@iuav.it providing your surname, name, date of birth, telephone number, date of swab test and sanitary district (ULSS) at which it was taken.

From the moment you are informed that you are positive or that you are a close contact to a positive case, you are not allowed to enter the university premises and you are required to stay in quarantine.

Should a case of covid-19 be identified in a class, the teacher of reference shall proceed by informing the students on how the teaching activities are to be carried on online and by providing further instructions.


Close contacts are defined as those people who in the 48 hours prior to a positive test:

- were cohabiting with the positive person;

- had direct physical contact (e.g. handshake) with the positive person or possibly contaminated personal items (e.g. handkerchief);

- spent 15 minutes or more with the positive person at a distance of less than 2 metres, without adequate personal protective equipment;

- shared a closed space (e.g. classroom, meeting room...) with the positive person without adequate personal protective equipment;

- travelled by train, plane, or any other means of transport within two seats in any direction with respect to the positive person.


In accordance with the instructions issued by the Italian Ministry of Health, the quarantine period for close contacts is 14 days from the last exposure to the positive case or 10 days from the last exposure to the case with a negative antigenic (rapid swab) or molecular test, carried out on day 10.


If the test is negative, quarantine can be suspended.


In any case, if you think you may be positive to Covid-19, you shall contact immediately your general practitioner, or if you are currently away from your place of residence, you can call the servizio di continuitą assistenziale (out of hours service doctor) at +39 041.2385600, every day from 8 pm to 8 am., on Saturdays and before public holidays from 10 am to 8 pm, on Sundays and public holidays from 8 am to 8 pm.


Finally, if the university is informed of a positive case, after due verification with the person concerned, his/her personal data and his/her contacts – in compliance with the privacy policy in force – are to be communicated to the Sisp and/or Spisal services of ULSS3 Serenissima.