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Davide Quadrio


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Asian art and crosscultural studies



Davide Quadrio is a China based producer and curator. He founded and directed for a decade the first not-for-profit independent creative lab in Shanghai, Bizart Art Center, as a platform to foster the local contemporary art scene. In 2007 Quadrio created Arthub, a production and curatorial proxy active in Asia and worldwide.


He was hosted by Shanghai Visual Art Institute (2011-2017), curated and produced the monumental City Pavilion Project for the Shanghai Biennale 2012. He was the curator for contemporary Art in Aurora Museum (2013-2016). In 2015 he founded Kaleidoscope Asia a sibling publication of Kaleidoscope Magazine, (2015-2017).


With BizArt and its team, and now with Arthub, Quadrio has organized hundreds of exhibitions, educational activities and exchanges in China and abroad, developing relationships with local and foreign institutions worldwide. He is now the Director of MAO, Museum of Asian Art and he is a visiting professor at UniversitÓ Iuav di Venezia.