Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Domenico Patassini


1949, Marostica, Italy


Dean of the Faculty of Planning from 2004 to 2010 and member of Phd Programme on New Technologies and Spatial Information at the Universitą Iuav di Venezia, he has taken part as planner in designing programmes and plans at local and regional level in Italy and abroad.

Most of training, consulting and research activity is oriented to process, performance and impact evaluation within planning and decision-making processes. He was President of the Italian Evaluation Society (Associazione Italiana di Valutazione) in 2003/4 and he is still member of the Editorial Board of the Society’s Review (Rassegna Italiana di valutazione).

As a professional consultant, he moved within five evaluation domains with a number of scientific publications:

cooperation policies to social and economic development, mainly in African countries such as Ethiopia, Somalia,  Tanzania, Sudan, Niger, Central Africa Republic, South Africa and Senegal. Under the umbrella of the Italian Trust Fund and the World Bank Capacity Building Programme, he evaluated three programmes in Ethiopia on capacity building , namely in training urban managers (Addis Ababa Management Institute), land management, legalization of informal settlements and planning (Special Chartered Town of Dire Dawa), support to the Ministry of Capacity Building involved in the public and private service reform after the New Constitution);

European programmes within Interreg, Alpter and Fse funds (ex ante and in itinere evaluation using a variety of approaches: cost-benefit analysis, community impact evaluation, multicriteria evaluation, cluster evaluation and so on);

strategic environmental evaluation of city and regional plans, including landscape and lagoon;

implementation of Regional Planning Laws, design of a Monitoring and Evaluation System on plans and their spatial effects (land consumption and degradation):

- evaluation of projects in protected areas, terraced landscape, integrated management of waste disposal, transport and mobility planning.