Undergraduate and graduate programmes offered by the University iuav of Venice:

Viviana Ferrario – research activity and recent publications


research activity as scientific coordinator

2018-2021 Scientific coordinator of the Italian team within the international research “ADAPTAS - ADAPTation to sustainable energy transition in Europe: environmental, socio-economic and cultural Aspects”, coordinated by the University of Granada


2018-2019 Scientific coordinator of the research "Rural architecture in the Cinqueterre National Park, UNESCO WHS"


2018-2019 Scientific coordinator of the research "Prosecco vineyard landscape change"


2016-2018 Scientific coordinator of the research project "Soave smart wine park" on the preservation and management of the historical landscape of Soave hills, and coordinator of the candidacy to the Italian National Register of Historical Rural Landscapes


2015-2016 Scientific coordinator of the research project “Strutture obsolete e paesaggi eccezionali. Valori e disvalori nel paesaggio delle Dolomiti” (Obsolescens structures and outstanding landscapes. Values and divalues in the landscape of the Dolomites)


2012-2014 Scientific coordinator of the Italian team within the international research “Ressources paysagères et ressources énergétiques dans les montagnes sudeuropéennes. Histoire, comparaison, expérimentation”, financed by CNRS France, involving ENSAPB - Ecole de Paysage de Bordeaux, Università Iuav di Venezia, Universidad de Granada, HEPIA - Haute école du paysage, d'ingénierie et d'architecture de Genève (2012-2014)


2004-2006 Promoter and coordinator, as young researcher at the Urban Planning Department at the Università Iuav di Venezia, of the research project “Alpine building traditions. Pilot project for the preservation and the handing down of the local technical Know-how of rural heritage and preservation of landscape”, financed by National Institute for Mountains (IMONT)



main other research activity

2013 Research fellow at the University of Udine on the governance of the Unesco WHS Dolomites


2010-2013 Research fellow at Venice Iuav University, on the theme “Agropolitana. The role of agrarian space in the ‘Third Veneto’ project”


2008-2009 Research fellow at Padova University about “Social perception in landscape planning”



recent publications

V. Ferrario, Letture geografiche di un paesaggio storico. La coltura promiscua della vite nel Veneto, Cierre, Sommacampagna (VR), 2019


Paris P., Camilli F., Rosati A., Mantino A., Mezzalira G., Dalla Valle C., Franca A., Seddaiu G., Pisanelli A., Lauteri M., Brunori A., Re G. A., Sanna F., Ragaglini G., Mele M., ferrario V., Burgess P. J., “What is the future for agroforestry in Italy?”, Agroforestry systems (2019) (https://rdcu.be/bgUqo)


Castiglioni B., Ferrario V., 2018, “Exploring the concept of ‘democratic landscape'”, Egoz S., Jørgensen K., Ruggeri D., (eds.), Defining Landscape Democracy. A path to spatial justice, Edward Elgar Publishing


Ferrario V., Castiglioni B., 2017, "Visibility/invisibility in the 'making' of energy landscape. Strategies and policies in the hydropower development of the Piave river (Italian Eastern Alps)", Energy Policy, 108(C), pp. 829-835


V. Ferrario, M. Reho, 2015, “Looking beneath the landscape of carbon-neutrality. Contested agroenergy landscape in the dispersed city”, in M. Frolova, M. J. Prados, A. Nadaï (eds), Renewable energies and European landscapes. Lessons from the southern European cases, Springer



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