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Agostino De Rosa


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Agostino De Rosa (Bari, Italy 1963) is an architect and Full Professor at University Iuav of Venezia (Italy). He teaches Laboratory of Architectural Representation (Foundations and Applications of Descriptive Geometry+Architectural Representation) and Theory and History of Representational Methods (degree course), and Architectural Drawing in Landscape Architecture (degree course) at the University Iuav of Venezia- Department of Architecture and Arts. He co-ordinates the PhD program on Surveying and Representing Architecture and the Environment at the IUAV postgraduate school.


He has written books and essays on the theme of representation, the history of images and land art. His books include, among the many published: Geometries of Shadows. History and Symbolism oh Shadow Theory, Utet/Città Studi, Milan 1996; Infinity unveiled to the sight. Representational forms of the Far East, Utet/Città Studi, Milan 1998; The Geometry of Image. History of Representational Methods, I vol., From Prehistory to the Middle Ages, Utet, Torino 2000; (with G. D’Acunto), The Vertigo of the Sight. Three Essays on the Anamorphic Representation, Cafoscarina, Venice 2002; James Turrell. Geometries of Light. The Roden Crater Project (Electa, Milan 2007); From Earth to the Sky, Skira, Milan 2008; James Turrell: Geometry of Light, Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern 2009; Jean-François Niceron. Perspective, Catoptric and Artificial Magic (Aracne, Rome 2013); Representations on the Threshold of the Void: Aesthetics of disappearance (with G. D’Acunto, Il Poligrafo, Padua 2014).


He is editor of the critical edition of perspective works and treatises (La Perspective Curieuse, 1638, and  Thaumaturgus Opticus, 1646)  by Friar Jean François Niceron (1613–1646), reconstructing – digitally and physically -  the optical devices and trycheries designed by him during the XVII century, and recently showed to the public during the venetian exibtiton “Jean-François Niceron. Perspective, Catoptric and Artificial Magic” (Venice 2013).


He’s also the Scientific co-ordinator  of the surveying program (employing both laser scanner technology that photo-modelation) of the anamorphic and astronomical paintings hosted in the Monastery of Trinità dei Monti (Rome).

He is the Scientific Co-ordinator of the Imago rerum research group, for which he edited the following volumes containing the proceedings from the international Venetian seminars of the same name: The denigrated eye. Observer's role in the era of digital representation (Il Poligrafo, Padua 2003); Between Shadow and Light  (Il Poligrafo, Padua 2004); Easts and Wests of Representation (Il Poligrafo, Padua 2005); Representations on the Threshold of the Void: Aesthetics of disappearance (with G. D’Acunto, Il Poligrafo, Padua 2014).


He works with an international team on the Roden Crater project (Painted Desert, Arizona USA), designed by renowned American light artist James Turrell (1943) and directed by Richard Andrews, currently on construction.


He collaborates also with the American composer John Luther Adams (1953) at Sila (The Breath of the World), a light and sound installation 'tuned' with the ecological movements of the Venice Lagoon (location: Thetis Foundation, Venice, planned opening date: autumn 2015).


He recently collaborated with the German director Werner Herzog to the creation of an animated sequence (about the anamorphosis corridors in Trinità dei Monti, Rome) in his new movie "Salt and Fire" (2016). He is also working with Herzog to the realization of a multimedia installation in a German Berlin subway’s abandoned tunnels, entitled "Zone of Alienation" (expected date of realization: 2018)


He is Director of following book series: Geometry Drawing Image (Cafoscarina press, Venice); Theory and History of Representational Forms (Aracne Press, Rome).

He’s member of the Advisory Board of the following scientific book series and magazine: CHORA:  Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture  (McGill University, Canada); of Autoportret (Krakow, Poland); and Dipartimento di Architettura e Studi Urbani del Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy).


He is a member the doctoral program’s Teaching Board in "ARCHITECTURE, CITY 'AND DESIGN" at the Graduate School of the University IUAV of Venice, coordinating scientifically the curriculum titled "Survey and representation of architecture and the environment."


He has curated exhibitions at: University Iuav of Venezia (Venezia, Italy), Panza Villa and Collection (Biumo Superiore, Varese, Italy); Modern Art Gallery (Palermo, ItaliY); Museum of  Photography (Alia, Palermo, Italy);  Fondazione Querini Stampalia (Venezia, Italy); Lichtmuseum (Unna, Germany); Steinerhögskolan (Järna, Sweden).




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