IUAV in a frame





In the framework of the initiatives for Iuav’s 90th Anniversary, the initiative Iuav in a Frame is the tool through which Iuav aims to describe itself.


The initiative provides three actions:

- a 1-minute video competition, open to all those who, in various ways, are attending or have attended Iuav.

A Commission composed by Alberto Ferlenga, Ila Beka, Marco Bertozzi, Pippo Ciorra, Fernanda De Maio, Luise Lemoine and Carmelo Marabello will select the best materials that will be exposed in a particular installation in one of the exhibition spaces of the University, and presented in two special evenings.

The Commission will award a prize of 1000.00 euros for the best video and a prize of 500.00 euros for the second place.

All materials will be uploaded following the methods described in the Uploading video section no later than October 17, 2016, at 24.00


- a call for archival document related to Iuav, in order to implement the already existing University archives

- three conferences held by cinema’s authors working on the topics of landscapes, contemporary cities and architecture in a cross-disciplinary research.







What is Iuav?
How has it changed in recent years?
How do those who experience it or have experienced it as student, teacher, employees, managers or simply visitors perceive it?
Which are the most beloved spaces or more lived within the campus?
Which relationship has Iuav with Venice?


In the occasion of the 90th Anniversary the university promotes Iuav in a frame, an open survey to all who know and attend or have attended the only Italian university completely dedicated to design through different disciplines: architecture, visual arts, design, fashion, planning, theatre.


The official language of the competition is Italian.

Click here for the rules (regolamento)







On the occasion of the 90th founding Anniversary of Iuav, the University invites all those who have documents related to Iuav to submit a digital copy to the following email address: iuavinaframe@iuav.it.


The materials may belong to the following categories:

photos and drawings describing life in the classroom, lectures, places, etc.

audio-visual materials
related to lectures, seminars, places, conferences, study trips.

typewritten texts or manuscripts
related to lectures, seminars, places, conferences, study trips.


The content of these materials may be amusing, but cannot contain in any way insults to people, things or places.


These materials, selected and catalogued, will implement the Iuav archival database and also will be used, together with those already available, to make a film/documentary about Iuav in his 90th Anniversary.






curated by Fernanda De Maio, Marco Bertozzi, Carmelo Marabello


27 giugno 2016
Ila Beka e Luise Lemoine




L’iniziativa nel suo complesso č promossa dall’ateneo e si svolge in partnership con il dottorato Internazionale Villard d’Honnecourt e con il Dipartimento di Culture del Progetto.





curated by: Marco Bertozzi, Fernanda De Maio, Carmelo Marabello



curated by: Marco Bertozzi, Fernanda De Maio, Carmelo Marabello

organization: Paola Virgioli