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Creative cities: wich (historic) urban landscape

UNG Conference 2010


February 19th and 20th, 2010

ex Convento dei servi di Maria

Campo della Chiesa 3

Sant’Elena, Venezia





L’incontro scientifico fa parte del programma ETCAEH

guidato dall’università di Nova Gorica e dall’Università Iuav di Venezia











Objectives of the Conference

Rendre les villes créatives passe aujourd’hui par la diffusion de nouvelles valeurs, références et projets chez les personnes et communautés qui les constituent. Au niveau des politiques publiques, on constate ainsi l’énoncé de propositions pour acclimater les comportements à de nouvelles logiques de développement, en matière de développement de services éducatifs, culturels, financiers comme d’attractivité de nouveaux talents.

Ce problème est plus rarement posé en partant de l’adéquation à établir entre la ville et son paysage, ce dernier étant entendu à la fois comme visualisation des formes urbaines et expérience quotidienne qu’en retirent ses habitants. Comment les choix temporels qui forgent le paysage (architecture, gestion des droits de propriété etc.) Peuvent-ils ou non renforcer des modes créatifs de pensée et de vivre?  (Xavier Greffe)


Making cities creative requires today the diffusion of new values, references and projects related to the individuals and the communities that constitute them. At the level of public polices, we notice also the announcement of proposals to acclimatize behaviours to new development logics, regarding the development of educational, cultural, and financial services to attract new talents.

This issue is less frequent if we start from the establishment of a mutual relationship between the city and its landscape, assuming the latter both as visualisation of urban forms and as daily experience made by the inhabitants. How do temporary choices, which forge landscape (architecture, property rights management, etc.), reinforce (or not) the  creative ways of thinking and live? (Xavier Greffe, trad. Marco Acri)


We can have different perceptions of landscapes, depending who is concerned about this. The traditional perception of a landscape could be associated with many mythological perceptions, as well as virtual spatiality related to these. Today, people are often too busy to look – apart from some enthusiasts. Recognition of landscapes and/or cultural landscapes as heritage, and that is what they should be, is a learning process. I think that the question is not only about protection of certain landscapes. It is more often than not of continuing to design and develop our ‘environment’ so that the product does not destroy the qualities, but rather enhances them. (Jukka Jokilehto)





friday 19th of february


> Welcome

ore 9.00 > 10.00

Gvido Bratina Vice-President for Research, University of Nova Gorica

Representative IUAV?

Donatella Calabi Vice-Rector University Iuav of Venice

Jean-Pierre Bobenriether Director Ecole d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville

Enzo Siviero Vice President CUN


Fabio Fior Representative Veneto Region

Announcement of the exposition of the community involvement project on Ca’ del Bue incinerator in Verona)

Sasa Dobricic

ETCAEH Director


> 1st Session

HUL  Concepts, Characterization, Tools


(A new concept? A new category  of cultural heritage sites? A new research method?)

Landscape: Which kind of ecosystems?

(Ecological dimension of HUL preservation and management)


10.00 > 10.30

Franco Farinelli Bologna University

10.30 > 11.00

Bruno Fortier Ecole d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville

11.00 > 11.30

Franco La Cecla Università Vita e Salute San Raffaele di Milano


11.30 > 12.00

Coffee Break

Video projection, UNG School for Applied Arts


> 2nd Session

Economy and Management session


Landscape as a form of collective game: cooperation or/and conflicts?

(Which participation and coordination of different competences and actors?)

Which drivers for landscape?

(Which are the consequence of specific drivers -such as property law- on landscape transformation?)

Landscape assessment: the value of atmosphere?

(What are long term effects of market regulation on landscape atmosphere?)



Xavier Greffe La Sorbonne (Chair)


Luigi Fusco Girard University of Naples


Antonio Paolo Russo University of Tarragona


Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico Politecnico di Milano


14.00 > 15.00



> 3rd Session

Socio Spatial Analysis


From things to relations: landscape as a socialization factor

(HUL social practices: from historic monument to museum to social factory)

Preservation of HUL-a matter of use?

(Preservation of HUL through social capital building)

How to realize Landscape as a common good?


15.00 > 15.30

Arjo Klamer Erasmus University  (Chair)

15.30 > -16.00

Alain Bourdin Institut Français d'Urbanisme

16.00 > 16.30

Rene Rusjan University of Nova Gorica


17.00 > 17.30

Coffee break

Video projection, University of Nova Gorica,  School of Arts


17.30 > 18.00

José Marìa Ezquiaga Escuela Técnica  Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid

18.00 > 18.30

Pierluigi Sacco University IUAV of Venice



Round table

prof. Xavier Greffe (Chair)


saturday 20th of february


> 4th Session

HUL Planning


HUL between Preservation and Innovation

(HUL preservation  and the boundaries of acceptable change)

HUL Preservation interfaces

(HUL planning :between buildings and community; Which are the identifying qualities to accept-to conserve?)

Landscape aesthetization: a new form of creativity dissemination?


9.30 > 10.00

Paola Falini Sapienza University of Rome (Chair)

10.00 > 10.30

Francisco Pol Mendez Escuela Técnica  Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid

10.30 > 11.00

Francesco Amendolagine University of Udine

11.00 > 11.30

Yoshifumi Muneta Kyoto Prefectural University


11.30 > 12.00

Coffee Break


> 5th session

HUL policies


Political Landscape and landscape policy

(policies of making landscape)

HUL-making place strategies and practices

(Between authorities, communities and individuals)

What kind of integrity of  experience

(Functional, Physical or Social?)


12.00 > 12.30

Lodovico Folin Calabi UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Parigi


Jukka Jokilehto University of Nova Gorica and ICCROM (Chair)

13.00 > 13.30

Bruno Gabrielli University of Genova

13.30 > 14.00

Roberto D’Agostino Arsenale spa, President

14.00 > 14.30

Stefano Bianca Former Director AKTC-HCSP


14.30 > 15.30



15.30 > 17.00

Round Table

prof. Manuel R. Guido MiBAC-UNESCO, (Chair)

prof. Marc Breitman Ecole  d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville, (Chair)




Projection of the movie and discussion with authors,

Erica Stanga and Marco Spenser Snow



please find attached below the maps to reach the venue

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Scientific Committee

doc.dr. Saša Dobričic, prof.dr.Paola Falini,

prof.dr. Xavier Greffe, prof.dr. Jukka Jokilehto



Marco Acri

ex Convento dei servi di Maria, campo della Chiesa 3

Sant’Elena, Venezia

tel.: +390415299663


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